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The fashion trend of the season




Leather leather leather …. Leather pants, leather jacket,  leather shirt, leather dress, leather everywhere. And we are so happy about it ! We are back on the antiquated rockers time when leather has never looked so good. What I noticed the most this year, is the oversized kind of pieces, vintage looks are back. If you associate leather to biker, this season is going to make you reconsider it. You will find sophisticated pieces proving you that leather is the new chic. 

From total leather look to a light jean and a biker jacket, leather is THE MUST HAVE of the season. Find out down bellow, my selection of different pieces to mix and match according to your mood of the day. 



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Shopping with NAKD.

Shopping with NAKD.

It’s weekend time, finallyyyyy. Feels so good to end this week. Between work, school, exams … time to relax a bit. If you follow me on social media, you may know that I work in collaboration with NAKD for a while. I am just so into this eshop. I used to buy clothes on their website way before we start a collaboration together.
The trendy coats selection of the season

The trendy coats selection of the season

It's weekend time. So happy to have some time off and be able to write over here.  This morning, I was reading a fashion magazine, and I was like "I need to do a selection of all the beautiful coats I've seen in stores and online", because yes, I've seen so many perfect coats for the season. Every year, when fall comes, I am looking for the perfect coat, it's like my favorite fashion piece and the most important to shop during that time of the year.  

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