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Hi everyone ! 
This morning, I was pampering myself in the bathroom and I was like “I just love this products” and I thought about “I should definitively share it on the blog”. The is not a sponsored article, it’s just me, talking to you, sharing the beauty products I love to use daily, weekly …
I don’t know if you do that also, but I try many different products every months because I love to experiment. Yes I do have my all time favorites that I have in my bathroom for years, but every month, I discoverer products that I truly love. 
I hope you are going to enjoy this article as much as I like to write it right now, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment bellow on what you thought, or anything you would like to see on the blog. 


Let’s start with this two “Re-Move” from Clarins

I received it from the brand a couple of weeks ago and I just love it. The purifying cleansing gel is made with meadosweet, moringa and bitter orange. I just love how it smells and how it feels on my skin. It removes all my makeup and truly cleans my face. Moreover, after using it, I feel very fresh and my skin looks really good. 
Two times a week, I had to the gel the radiant exfoliating powder (usually the equivalent of one tea spoon) . I mix it together in order to get rid of impurities.   


 The next one I am going to share with you is the Hair perfume from Gisou

I wanted to try it for months since Negin launch it on the website but it was a bit pricy for a hair perfume so I waited. But, if you follow me on intagram you know that I love love love her products. I have been using the hair oil since like 3 years, the hair mask for more than a year, same for the propolis infused texturing wave spray so I had to try once the hair perfume. And you know what, I just LOVE it ! I can not go anywhere without it anymore. The smell is so amazing. I never used a hair perfume before but now, how did I do to live without this beauty product ? It gives a feminine touch and refresh the hair.  

To continue, let’s talk about the high potency night a mins from Origins.

Same thing as the clarins products, the brand sent me this cream to try it and I truly loved it. Just know that I used it for more than a month before writing you my opinion about this product so I truly took time to see what it did to my skin. Over the weeks, my skin really got better. Looking pretty good every single morning, no impureties or really not much, very fresh, really hydrated. It’s formula is supposed to diminishes the dull appearance of the skin to give you a fresh and radiant complexion in the morning and it’s truly what I have seen on mine over the weeks. 

To end my beauty favorites of the month, here is the priming moisturizer from Glossier.

This primer is just perfect. I use it every single time before I put my foundation on. I makes my skin fresh and glowy and actually heps my foundation to last on my skin longer. 

So I hope you liked this article. I just love sharing with you my discoveries, my crushes ..

See you soon, 


Juliette <3


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