How do I take care of my colored blond hair 



As some of you might know, Blond isn’t the real color of my hair. Have you seen my brows ? Well, pretty much, that would be my natural color (maybe a tiny bit lighter).
Anyway, dye your hair means, take care of it way more than someone with natural hair.
With an artificial color, your hair gets more sensitive, it ‘s damaged faster and for blond, if you don’t take care of them with the right products, well it can turn to what we call “dirty blond”. Moreover, we feel way more confident and pretty with beautiful hair no ?
So I thought about writing an article about what I use, in order to maybe help some of you.

Let’s talk about my hair routine :

I usually wash my hair, 2/ 3 times a week, depending on if I train a lot during the week. When I wash it, I use two shampoos. One is classic, the other one is a purple shampoo. It’s what keeps my nice blond on my hair and avoids it to turn orange.
If I wash my hair 3 times a week, I use a conditionner once and twice a mask. With colored blond hair, I really advice you to do a mask, at least once a week, in order for you hair to not be damaged to fast and keep them soft and healthy. Sometimes if i am a bit lazy or want to give my hair a break I like to use a dry shampoo. It is a good option (mostly when you are rushing and jut want to do your hair quickly). 
Then I usually dry my hair after shower and use tool such as a curler or hair straightener. So I use a heat protectant spray, it truly protect your hair from the heat.
Finally, I use hair oil every single day. Using it regularly prevents split ends and ensure that your hair grows out long and healthy.


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