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Currently in Los Angeles, enjoying the sunny and hot weather of California, I thought about sharing with you my beauty essentials I always have with me on a beach day. 

Nothing makes me more excited than a beach day. So I usually bring a cute tote bag, my white bikini, sunglasses, my Nomadic State of Mind shoes or one of my Soludos espadrilles, a good book and a cute make up bag filled with different skin care products, including my mascara, in case I go somewhere after. 

First, you will find my « Grape Water » from Caudalie. I usually get really hot laying a whole afternoon at the beach and also my skin gets really dry. This water is incredibly refreshing and really hydrates my skin. 

Then, you will find my 2 sunblocks. One for the face and one for the body. So for the face, I use the sunscreen SPF 50 from Mimitika. It really protects my skin from UV. It has really good components and smells really good. For the rest of my body, I use the oil SPF 30 from Nuxe. It protects my skin but also helps to get some tan. What I love about it is that it is not sticky like a sunscreen can be and it gives a glowy look to your skin. 

 After that, I always bring with me my heat protectant spray from Gisou. You might wonder why ? Then because it also protects my hair from the sun because it has a UV filter. Since I am a blondie, my hair are way more sensitive and I really need to take care of them. So it’s a really good one to use because it contains oils, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids to fortify the hair.

Sometimes, after the beach, my skin is very sticky from the sunblock I put on, the sand, the wind… So I always bring with me my face wipes from Bioderma. It soothes and clears up my skin and it produces a feeling of instant freshness. 

Same thing for my hands, it’s always sticky and sweaty, so I aways bring with me my hand sanitizer. I am currently using the mango one from The Body Shop. 

The last thing you can find in my make up bag is my mascara, the volume from Chanel. You might say « why do you need a mascara at the beach ? », well I don’t need it at the moment, but I might need it to look a little more fresh if we go somewhere after a beach day. 

So what are your beauty essentials for a beach day ? 



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