Spring make up routine


 Hi guys ! 

I hope your are all doing well. Finally quarantine is over in France. Not everything is back to normal but at least we can go outsite and enjoy the weather, see friends while of course being careful. 

During quarantine, I didn’t put any make up on, I really wanted to let my skin breath. So now, back to my routine and I wanted to share with you my new make up routine for the hot days coming. Indeed, this winter, I’ve shared with you what I used daily, but during spring/summer, I change my routine because first, I am getting tan, and second because I want to use less make up products and “lighter” ones, I don’t know if I can say it like that but I guess you understood me. So here are the 5 products I use, sometimes less but usually never more. 
As a foundation, I use the Diorskin perfect mousse from Dior (shade 030). I just love how it feels on my skin. Very light, and it truly covers my pores. I apply it like a cream with my hands, no brush. 
Then to give my skin a bit of tan and “good looking”, I use the healthy glow vitamin radiance powder from Guerlain. 
For my lips, I use the lip maximizer from Dior (shade 001 Pink). I just love the look it gives to my mouth. Indeed I have pretty small lips and it makes my lips look bigger with a natural shiny glow. 

For my eyes, well the classic Volume false lash effect from Yves Saint Laurent, my must have for years. Same for the eyeliner, I use it since high school I think, it’s the high precision eyeliner from L’Oréal and I just love love love it !!

If you want to links of the product, just click on the picture. 

Love,  Juliette <3


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