The New York City Guide


Welcome to the city that never sleeps.
Discovering NYC for the first time. I wanted to visit this place for years and finally had time this year. Last November, Erwan and I really wanted to spend vacation together. My best friend got married and was now living close to New York so what better destination than NY ? So we straight reserved our airfare for the end of Fabruary and started working on what to do, where to go, what to visit etc. 
We stayed 1O days but to be honest, one week is way enough to visit the city. However, this is clearly a city where I could see myself live even if I have a bigger crush for the LA kind of style. 
So first, let’s talk about the airfare. It costed us 450 each departure from Bordeaux which I think is really affordable. 
About the stay, we stayed at the Belnord hotel. It was the most affordable for us. We paid 850 € for 9 nights.
The positive :
– In the middle of the upper west side
– 5 min away walking from central park
– close to the main metro line, the 1. 
– rooms are really confortable 

The Negative :
– The wifi is really bad
– There is no restaurant in the hotel, they only provide coffee and tea. 
About how to move around, I recommend to buy the metro card which cost 31 $ a week. It’s truly affordable and you can use the metro to go everywhere. This is really really cool. 


Central Park
I could spend days there.
Time Square
Exactly what you see in movies ! Tips : go there once at 6 am and one at midnight when nobody is there, this is so cool.
Upper West Side
Where our hotel was located. Such.a cool area to walk around.
Upper East Side
This luxury part of NYC, where Serena and Blair usually go shopping.
Brooklyn bridge
This bridge is absolutely gorgeous, just walk through it back in force and admire the view.
Dumbo district
One of this historic districts of NY.
Financial district
worth seeing at least once in order to have a real idea of what wall street is.
9/11 Memorial
One World Trade Center
The tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.
Chinatown / Little Italy
You must go walk around these two area. It’s crazy ! From a street to another, you go from china to Italy ! really worth the experience
Soho / Noho 
Basically my favorite area in NYC. The streets are beautiful, perfect place to shoot and find cute coffees to spend afternoons in. 
Depending on the exhibition of the moment, really worth taking an afternoon to visit. 

Museum of Ice Cream
Such a cute place and so instagram ready.
Madison Square Park
Grand Central Terminal
“spotted, Serena Van Der Woodsen at the grand central terminal”. No really it’s the most beautiful station I have ever seen. The architecture is incredible.
Rockefeller Center
NY Public Library 
The Metropolitan Museum
When we went there, we had the chance to see an exhibition on the Haute Couture and old dresses from famous designers.
Chelsea Market

The Highline 

Just a beautiful place to walk around. 

Perry street
You will see the house of Carry from Sex And The City.

Empire State Building 
To have scones and tea with chuck bass 😉 our also to have a beautiful view on NYC.

Union Square

Washington square

Harlem District
Worth de walk. A very different aspect of NYC.

Shopping Centers session
Century 21 (different ones in NYC)
Colombus circle
Fulton Mall



Five Leaves
Jack’s Wife Frida
The Butcher Daughter
Whole Food Market
Chelsea Market


Shake Shack
Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken 
Speedy Romeo
Noi Due Cafe
Ess a Bagel
Salt bae burger
Burger Joint
AC Hotel 
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
Levain Bakery (best cookies eveeeer)
Ice cream from the store KITH
Cupcake Sprinkles
M Tea
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