Healthy Hair

Today it’s time for a new beauty post. I thought about sharing with you 3 of my actual favorite products for hair. My natural hair color is brown but I used to be a blondie for a while now and I love it.
However, being a colored blondie means to take care of my hair way more than I used to do. I am not a huge fan of styling products because it’s composed of too many chemicals ingredients and I rather use natural products. But of course, if I want to maintain my blond, a bit of styling products can be necessary. IMG_5710
First before talking about any of the products I use, don’t forget that things you put in your hair are not everything that keep your hair healthy. A good nutrition and working out is very important for good looking hair. Indeed, it makes your hair grow faster and stronger. An other tip I can give you is to not wash it too often. Of course we all like clean and bright hair but washing your hair daily will get it dry and damaged. Also, If you want to color your hair, as I did, I suggest you to do it through a professional. That way, the products he will use to dye your hair will have a better quality compare to the one you buy in supermarkets.

Okay so now, let me present you 3 of the hair products I am actually using and with which i can’t literally live without.

IMG_5705As I told you earlier, I am not a big fan of styling products. However, this “shine blonde shampoo” from l’oreal saved my life and helped a lot to maintain a nice and bright blond on my hair. I use it as a regular shampoo and to be honest, this is the best i’ve tried since I am a blondie.
I usually wash my hair 3 times a week, but working out a lot leads me sometime to wash it more often.
It’s a product used by professionals so if you want to buy this shampoo, you usually find it to your hairdresser salon, however nowadays you can find everything on internet 😉


Well hello miracle oil ! How can I describe it ? As you might all know, you can use coconut oil basically for everything regarding your beauty routine. It’s amazing for moisturize your skin, your lip, to take off your make up, for a digestive helper, mental boost, to lose weight…  and of course to make a 100 % natural hair mask.  Yes coconut is the best hair mask you can use for your hair, first it smells really good, it doesn’t cost a lot and then it truly nourish your hair.
Coconut oil is the perfect fatty acid to improve your hair conditions. I usually apply it in my hair once to twice a week, leave it from 30 min to a hour and then rince it. Be careful if you use it as a hair mask to rince it really well because you could find your hair really oily for the rest of the day once it’s dry.


Finally, my hair routine ends with applying a bit of dry oil everyday. It nourish and repair my hair. What I like about the dry oil from Nuxe  it’s that i can also use it to nourish my face and my body. It also helped me a lot these last few years to provide against the vergeture.
This oil smells really good, I could just use it as perfume ! I usually apply it after shower and after a long day at the beach.

And that’s all for my hair routine, I hope you liked it, don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought about this article in a comment below, love ❤

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