Beach essentials

It’s this time of the year again, spring is going away, summer is close, the sun is shinning everyday and all we think about is this sun feeling on our skin, the wind in our hair, and the view of the ocean.  At least, that’s my actual thought and so, I wanted to share with you my beach essentials.  I have 3 words for you : Moisturize, protect, Boost. That’s the key for a flawless tanned skin.

For me there is nothing better than a beach atmosphere with my bikini, a towel, a book and my beach bag filled with skin products to be in a good mood. So I basically  need a pretty huge bag to fit everything. We never know how the weather can be so I always bring with me a jacket. Moreover, I can never go out on a sunny day without sunglasses.

After an entire day spent at the beach, you are usually sweating, your hair are really dry from the ocean water, you face is sticky …  so I always carry with me my savior products, in case I want to eat or have a drink somewhere and look a bit better.

To be sure my hair won’t look too dirty, I always fit in my bag a dry shampoo. I am using the “dry shampoo with oat milk” from KLORANE. It usually helps my hair to not look too oily. Plus, I really like the smell of this one.

In the south of France, during summer, the sun is really strong and it’s really hot. That’s why I always bring with me the “grape water” from CAUDALIE.  Spray my face with it feels so good and refreshing. The smell is not too strong, perfect for a face water and it provides from the drought of the sun. It truly soothes and moisturizes my skin.

Going under the sun in bikini also means protect your skin from UV. Yes, I know, we all want a strong tan as soon as possible but let me tell you with experience that not protect your skin is really bad. You get sunburns, you damaged your skin and you increase your chance to get skin cancer. Also note that each human being has a sun resistance, and if you want to maintain it, you truly need to protect you skin.
I personally use  the 30 SPF oil protection from NUXE which helps your skin to tan and also protect it. I Apply it on my body every hour. However, for my face, I usually use a 50 SPF protection because the skin is way more sensitive.

I usually filled also my beach bag with cleasing wipes in order to help my face look a bit more fresh. I am actually using the “coconut water cleasing wipes” from SEPHORA. I personally really love the coconut smell but you can find different fragrances in this product range.

To end, I always bring my mascara with me. I don’t necessarily use it, but if I go out after a long beach day, it’s here to make me look prettier. I am using the “the volume from Chanel” which has been my favorite for a while now. It truly makes your lashes look longer and give you a really nice look.

So what are you beach essentials ?









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