Night routine

Hi guys, with the actual hot weather, I thought about sharing with you today my “night skin routine” with all the skin care products I am actually using. It’s very important to take care of your skin, on mornings of course, but also on evenings. The skin’s repair mechanism is happening during the night so it’s very important to first, get rid of your makeup but also of all the sweat and the pollution accumulated on your skin during the day. For me, a healthy and natural skin is the must have fashion accessory. So it doesn’t matter how tired you are, if you want to be on top, your skin must be pampered every single evenings. Moreover, summer is definitively starting and we all know how much the sun can damaged a skin.
I like experimenting a lot so through the months, my skin care products can change. However this ones below are daily basis and very effective and that’s why I wanted to share them with you.


I was using below :
Mineral argil mask from Vichy
Physiological soothing toner from La Roche-Posay
Light hydrating cream from Avene
Overnight detox oil from Caudalie


So once to twice a week, I like to apply a mask on my face in order to purify my skin. Some time ago, during my skin care products shopping, the pharmacist propose me to try the new range of masks from Vichy. This one was my favorite. It truly helped my skin to get rid of impurities. My skin looks very fresh and clean each time I use it. Moreover, this vichy’s mask is rich in aloe vera so it purify without drying the skin.


During summer, my skin is very sensitive, more than winter. So what I like to apply on evenings is this physiological soothing toner. The name says it all, it soothe and tone the skin. This fresh feeling on my skin makes me feel so good.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize… That’s my beauty secret for a glowing skin. By moisturizing your skin, you avoid dull complexion,  dryness and protect your skin from the bad things present in the air outside.  What I like about this one is that it’s a dermatological product, not too oily which leaves your skin sweat and comfy.


On evenings, what I like to add with my moisturize cream is a detox oil. I am actually using the Overnight detox oil from Caudalie.
One hundred percent natural, this oil helps my skin to repair over night. I look way less tired on morning and my skin looks better than just using an usual cream before going to bed.


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