A summer eve

What better feeling than having a day off from work on a Sunday when the weather is absolutely amazing ?
Finally having some time to rest, go to a good restaurant with one of my best friend on a beautiful rooftop with a view, eating good, drinking cocktails, gossiping and then walk around the city. That’s for me, the perfect day off.
On this beautiful evening, I thought about sharing with you all this look because I truly love it. As you all know, I like to feel comfy in my clothes. But comfy doesn’t always mean sweatpants and sweaters, you can also be classy !

This summer, I have a crush on cloth pants. It’s very soft and very nice to wear. When it’s hot and you don’t feel like wearing shorts or dresses that’s the best to wear. So girls, it’s a must have in your dressing. Plus, cloth pants basically fits with everything, from crop top to tshirt, from heels to flats. You can wear it for the beach but also for a night out.  And to fit with this pant, what is more cute and classy than a simple white tank ? Basic tops are timeless.
To complete the look, I opt for platform shoes. These ones were pretty high but very easy to walk with. Plus, it gave the outfit a very stylish and sophisticated look. About the accessories, I decided to had some silver jewelries and a bag made with pearls.

I was wearing : 
Tshirt from Mango
Pants from Mango
Shoes from Bocage
Similar bag from HM


IMG_1367 2






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