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11 Bra to put under transparent tops



Lately, I’ve been searching for bras to put under my transparent tops, jackets or blouses. I have so many white or black tops I couldn’t wear because i wasn’t able to find the right bra to go under into my wardrobe. I think it’s a must have that every girl should get and add to her clothes collection.

What I love about these kind of outfits is that it gives this classy but also sexy kind of style on summer days without looking provocative.

So I thought about sharing with you a selection of different bras that, according to me, can fit with pretty much every kind of transparent tops.


IMG_8439_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-34-24 Etam – 32.99€
IMG_8442_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-35-09 Etam – 32.99€
IMG_8444_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-35-26 Intimissimi – 35.90€
IMG_8447_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-35-50 UrbanOutfitters – 25.00€
IMG_8449_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-36-16 UrbanOutfitters – 29.00€
IMG_8452_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-36-59 Asos – 9.49€
IMG_8455_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-37-23 Victoria Secret – 44.95$
IMG_8456_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-37-40 H&M – 14.99€
IMG_8457_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-37-54 H&M – 12.99€
IMG_8459_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-38-09 Princess Tam Tam 49.00
IMG_8460_Facetune_04-05-2019-14-38-25 Princess Tam Tam 39.00€




Juliette ❤

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