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10 Bardot Tops, My Summer Crush


Let’s go back in the 60s when the iconic BB started wearing off-the-shoulder tops !

Well here we go again, this fashion trend is definitively back into our closet, wearing her name, and we just LOVE IT !
Add it to a high waisted jean, a mid skirt, a loose trousers .. It can fit with pretty much everything. Perfect for hot summer days, giving you a little sexy touch without overdo.

Here is my little selection for you, hope it’s going to inspire you !

IMG_8905_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-49-09 Houseofcb – 78.00€
IMG_8893_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-46-34 Boohoo – 26.00€
IMG_8901_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-48-15 Nasty Gal – 40.00€
IMG_8900_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-47-56 Nasty Gal – 30.00€
IMG_8897_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-47-10 PrettyLittleThing – 32.00€
IMG_8891_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-46-07 Asos – 24.99€
IMG_8904_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-48-50 Nasty Gal – 50.00€
IMG_8895_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-46-53 PrettyLittleThing – 15.00€
IMG_8902_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-48-33 Nasty Gal – 50.00€
IMG_8899_Facetune_12-05-2019-21-47-36 Asos – 30.99€



Juliette ❤

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