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My Summer 2019 plateform shoes selection



Hot days are finally here in the south of France. Today, I was able to wear sandals with a simple light top. What a good feeling ! Hopefully able to do my first beach day of the year on sunday 😀

Anyway, wearing one of my favorite pair of summer shoes today made me think about doing a little selection of platform sandals for you. What I love about these shoes is that, usually for “heels”, it’s a really comfy and girly pair of shoes to wear. It makes your legs look taller (at least mine) and I can wear them all night long without having my feet screaming.

I hope you guys will like it !

IMG_9555_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-55-35 FRIDA – 69.95 €
IMG_9549_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-54-42 SEE BY CHLOE – 215 €
IMG_9544_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-53-19 ALOHAS – 130 €
IMG_9550_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-54-55 SEE BY CHLOE – 240 €
IMG_9553_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-55-19 MEDAL – 74.95 €
IMG_9557_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-55-54 TEXTO – 69 €
IMG_9559_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-56-07 JONAK – 95 €
IMG_9542_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-52-23 ALOHAS – 125 €
IMG_9545_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-53-36 H&M – 39.99 €
IMG_9547_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-54-10 PIMKIE – 29.99 €
IMG_9546_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-53-55 MANEBI – 145 €
IMG_9548_Facetune_23-05-2019-20-54-28 MINELLI – 89 €


Juliette ❤


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