A Weekend in Milan


Welcome to the capital of fashion, Italian glamour and yummy food !
Feeling about going on a trip for a shopping weekend ? From fast fashion to luxury, this is your destination. Feeling about eating pizza, pasta and tiramisu ? Well there you go ! More about visiting and walking around ? Milan is full of worth seeing spots.
Yep, this city has a lot to offer.
Planning about going there? Keep reading 😉
So, in order to truly have time to visit and see as much thing as we wanted, we left on a Thursday evening to return home on a Monday morning. That way we had 3 big complete days to discover the city.
We flew by Ryanair and Easyjet departure from Bordeaux straight to Milan. Count between 50€ to 80€ round trip by plane, depending on when you want to go.
About our stay there, we decided to stay at the B&B hotel Milano San’t Ambrogio. Around 100€ a night including taxes. This Hotel is 1 km away from the center of Milan, which is really cool because you can pretty much do everything by walk.
Here are some good addresses for you, from things to visit or walk around to good food and must do shops.

+To visit:

– Palazzo Morando
– Galeria d’Italia (mostly for the architecture of the museum)
– Teatro Alla Scala
– Castello Sforzesco
– Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (For the architecture and luxury shopping)
– Duomo
– Parco Sempione
– Triennale de Milano
– Quartiere de Navigli
– Quartiere de Brera
– La galleria d’arte di brera

+To Eat:

For Breakfast –
– Lubar
– Vanilla Bakery
For lunch and diner –
– La fettunta (Best gnocchi I have ever ate)
– Luini (for their Panzerotti)
– Coke Pizzeria
– Trattoria Milanese
– Stiatelle di nona mafalda
For ice cream spot –
– Cioccolati Italiani
– Savini
– Gelateria marghera
To have a drink –
– Bar Apperol (amazing view on Duomo)
– Otto Bar
– Ceresio 7 (amazing view on the whole city)

+To shop:

– Via Montenapoleone
– Via Della Spiga
– Via San’t Andrea
– Via Manzoni
– Zara (just for the beauty of the shop, and well, we all looooooove zara)
– Excelsior
– 10 corso como
– Rinascente
If you also have some more time, you can take a train from Milano Cadorna or Milano Central to Lake Como. It takes around 40 mins to 1h30 to go there, depending on which village you want to go to.
We went there on a Sunday, visiting the village of Varenna. It was just so beautiful and colorful. If you want to eat a really but really good Calzone over there, you have to go to the Victoria Grill and ask for the Royal Calzone. For a good and typical ice cream, go to « la Passerella ». And then for the visit, just walk around the city, and stop to these 2 amazing gardens « Giardino Botanico Di villa Cipressi » and « Villa Monastero ».


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