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Weekeeeeeeend ! Finally I get some time to write this article I wanted to share with you for a while. 
For a couple a years now (because before I used to not wear make up at all), I’ve tried different makeup brands, different looks, some really good ones as some really bad ones. Over the years, I think that now I found “my perfect” make up routine and I wanted to share with you, my everyday makeup routine, the product I use and why (I will put all the link of the products I use down bellow)
So, every morning, when I wake up, I wash my face with soap and put a serum, a hydrating cream, and an eye cream. Then, I start my make up.
First I use the priming moisturizer from Glossier. It helps my foundation to stay all day. Then I use the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation (number 6.5 in summer and 5.5 during winter time).I really like this foundation because it really covers perfectly imperfections. I apply it all over my face, neck and ears. After that, I use the Nars concealer. I apply it under my eyes, on my pimples if I have some and on the sides of my nose. That way, my skin looks PERFECT. To get a bit of tan, I use the bronzing powder from Dior. I apply it on my forehead, on my cheekbones and on my jawline. To end, I use the translucent powder from Laura Mercier, that way, my foundation stays all day long.
For my eyes, it’s pretty simple, I just do a line of eye-liner from L’Oréal, really easy to use, cheap, and really good quality, and use the volume from Chanel mascara for my lashes, I just love it, my lashes look so long and so nice. Also, to get bigger eyes, I use the  Rock ‘N’ Roll eye pencil from Charlotte Tilbury, it’s like a white pencil and it gives the illusion that your eyes looks bigger, I just love it. The for my brows, I brush it and contour it with the Dior powder brow pencil (tint 093 black).  
Finally, for my lips, I use the pillow talk lip pencil and lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury. I just love the color, so natural and so beautiful.  


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